23 Dec

The relationship between entertainment and education is complex but has always been there. These two seem to compliment each other and get along as friends do but just like in a human relationship there are on and off occasions to it. At times, they are the best of friends but on other occasions, one seems to prevail at the expense of the other. Ideally, they don’t act like they are friends on certain occasions. For education, it's not fun enough and on part of the entertainment, it isn’t serious as education is.

Despite goals of entertainment and education are different, it's easy to increase productivity of one by involving second type of activity. What types of entertaiment works best? Specialists from MyHomeworkDone reveal their secrets and named this six types which can be included into educational process:

  1.    Physical Excersices  

  1.    Use of Toys         

  1.    Chess         

  1.    Scrabble

  1.    Jigsaw Puzzles

  1.    Educational Cartoons, Movies or YouTube videos

Entertainment is good for students just as education is. So make fun and liove what you do!

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